Nautilus Boxer Engine

We took all of the benefits of the Nautilus Cycle and put it into our Nautilus Boxer Engine. With the single piston projected to produce 75hp power output, the Nautilus Boxer Engine is projected to output 150hp initially. One of the greatest benefits of HCI/HCCI is the ability to scale the size of the cylinder chamber, radically increasing the power output of the engine with only 2 cylinders. This unique patented design solves the inherent challenges of pre-ignition, poor cold starting, unbalanced combustion, uneven temperatures, limited RPMs and loads.

Nautilus Cycle HCCI Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

Our HCI/HCCI engine is projected to achieve 30% more fuel efficiency than a standard ignition engine. During an HCI/HCCI ignition, the chamber has a cleaner combustion, without leaving pockets of unburnt gases.

Engine & Propulsion System Cost

The Nautilus HCCI Cycle is a true pressure cascading compression ignition technology which means that we are not restricted by managing flame-front propagation properties.Thus Nautilus Engineering has reduced the part count and complexity of the engine propulsion system creating an approximate cost-savings potential of 15% for small engines that range up to 30%+ for larger engines.  

The fundamental physics of the Nautilus HCCI Cycle is a true multi-fuel technology that enables increasing the cylinder diameter size for the additional benefits of even higher efficiencies and further packaging optimization. 

Less Toxic

HCI/HCCI engines are less toxic, producing minimal NOx emissions. You can learn more about this technology at Sandia National Laboratories

The Power of Scale

Our two cylinder engine design is projected to scale or fit any desired size. This is going to revolutionize manufacturing, engine maintenance, and be cleaner combustion technology.

Nautilus Engineering Piston Design And Rod