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The company started with a novel approach to improve engine efficiency. The first project, the nautilus engine, featured a spiral tube that allows current engine designs to self-supercharge. This technology was a springboard for new and innovative ideas.

Nautilus Engineering, LLC was awarded its patent on November 13, 2018. US 10,125,666 B2 - Systems and Methods of Compression Ignition Engines. View the patent here.


Nautilus Engineering is comprised of professionals; each with years of experience in technological validation, R&D, mechanical & electrical engineering, patent & trademark counsel, CAD design, rapid prototyping, product testing, manufacturing, advertising, marketing, website development, and more.

David J. Bernstorf
Mark R. Glasson
Global COO / Board of Directors
Matthew Riley
Advanced Propulsion Research Scientist / Board of Directors
Ed Browalski
Director of Advanced Controls, Investor Pending Member Approval
Dave Bennett
Engineering Consultant / Board of Directors
Kenneth White
Executive Director - Aerospace / Board of Directors
Paul Good
Board of Directors
Sina Davani
Director - Engineering
Barrett Morgan
Executive Director - Marketing
Fujian Yan
Electrical Engineering Alumni • CFD Consultant
Michelle Wagner
Executive Assistant
Terry Morris
Project Advisor
Philip D. Bernstorf
Senior Analyst
Rocky Hopper
Advisor Consultant
Tim Ford
Advisor Consultant
Bryan P. Stanley
Outside Patent Counsel
Marcus Jackson
Board of Directors Advisor
Steve Gottlieb
Patent Research
Aurora Hynes
Advisor Consultant
Jay Hynes
Advisor Consultant
Jim Porter
Advisor Consultant
Tina Porter
Advisor Consultant
Bob Harris
Advisor Consultant
Luke Luff
Engineering Consultant
Dr. David Koert
Science & Technology Consultant
Dr. Omid Sirous
CFD Engineering Consultant
Fenil Desai
Engineering Intern Level I
Shabbir Dalal
Advanced Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Huynh
Electrical Engineering Intern
Susan Ma
Mechanical Engineering Assistant
Theepan Balachandran
Nautilus Engineering Alumni
Piqi “Kevin” Hou
Electrical Engineering Alumni
Nicole Mellinger
Nautilus Engineering Alumni

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SAE International, formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers, is a U.S.-based, globally active professional association and standards organization for engineering professionals in various industries. Principal emphasis is placed on transport industries such as automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles. The Society coordinates the development of technical standards based on best practices identified and described by SAE committees and task forces. Task forces are composed of engineering professionals from relevant fields. SAE International has over 120,000 members globally. Membership is granted to individuals, not through companies. Aside from its standardization efforts, SAE International also devotes resources to projects and programs in STEM education, professional certification, and collegiate design competitions.

Our Partners

ANSYS Startup Program partners with Nautilus Engineering
Enerpulse partners with Nautilus Engineering
Autobon Power partners with Nautilus Engineering