Our unique patent pending design solves the inherent challenges of pre-ignition, poor cold starting, unbalanced combustion, uneven temperatures, limited RPMs and loads with Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition or Homogeneous Compression Ignition (HCCI/HCI).

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-Flameless Combustion
-No Spark plugs 
-No Direct-Injection

This Changes Everything

Our most advanced engine exhaust valve cooling technology for HCCI/HCI. Cycle to cycle control over exhaust valve temperature, which prevents intermittent transient autoignition events. 

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ANSYS Startup Program partners with Nautilus Engineering
Enerpulse partners with Nautilus Engineering
Autobon Power partners with Nautilus Engineering

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The engine engineer’s dream of running an ultra-efficient diesel cycle on cheaper and easier-to-clean-up gasoline is starting to feel like the football Lucy pulls away every time I go to kick out another column heralding its impending feasibility. My hopes have been raised before by Mercedes’ DiesOtto, GM’s HCCI, and Hyundai’s GDCI concepts, none of which we’re driving all these years later. But here’s why I’m taking one more run at this: GM and Mercedes were attempting to convert gas engines to dual-mode operation using the spark plug under full load and/or idle conditions and compression ignition during steady-state cruising. These new guys are proposing a dedicated all compression-ignition approach.