Nautilus Four Stroke, Six Cycle, Dynamic Multiphasic Combustion Engine

Nautilus Four Stroke, Six Cycle, Dynamic Multiphasic Combustion Engine

Introducing the Nautilus Four Stroke, Six Cycle, Dynamic Multiphasic Combustion Engine. Nautilus dynamic multiphasic combustion engine technology allows the addition of different fuel injection systems such as direct (enriched fuel mixture), port (lean fuel mixture), throttle body, and/or any combination thereof within the primary and secondary combustion chambers. Incorporating spark and/or glow plugs, as well as fuel injection systems, enables primary and secondary combustion along with a multitude of combustion configurations through forced pressure propagation.

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-Flameless Combustion
-No Spark plugs 
-No Direct-Injection

Using a Snap-On Exhaust 5 Gas Analyzer
87 Octane Pump Gasoline

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ANSYS Startup Program partners with Nautilus Engineering
Enerpulse partners with Nautilus Engineering
Autobon Power partners with Nautilus Engineering

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We saw two novel internal combustion engine concepts at WCX. One from Nautilus Engineering LLC uses homogenous charged compression ignition technology. The Nautilus four-stroke/six-cycle dynamic multiphasic combustion engine has two combustion chambers with multiple ignition events happening within one stroke.

Piston Design - Primary and Secondary

Being able to run the engine so lean means that substantial fuel savings are projected for the Nautilus HCCI engine compared with both petrol and diesel. "On a per litre basis we're going to be 20-30% more efficient, diesel would be about 20-25%, and petrol will go even higher," says Riley.

WCX18: SAE World Congress Experience

The Nautilus Engineering Team at WCX18: SAE World Congress Experience.