Our unique patent pending design solves the inherent challenges of pre-ignition, poor cold starting, unbalanced combustion, uneven temperatures, limited RPMs and loads with Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition or Homogeneous Compression Ignition (HCCI/HCI).

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With this new technology, we've achieved full control over the HCI/HCCI cycle in all conventional RPM ranges, loads and temperatures. This may be rapidly implemented into existing platforms and will meet and even exceed 2025 EPA Regs.

-Flameless Combustion
-No Spark plugs 
-No Direct-Injection

Using a Snap-On Exhaust 5 Gas Analyzer
87 Octane Pump Gasoline

Partnering Organizations

ANSYS Startup Program partners with Nautilus Engineering
Enerpulse partners with Nautilus Engineering
Autobon Power partners with Nautilus Engineering

Latest News - HCCI spells Efficient Engines

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Guest panelists: Matthew Riley and Drew Content Director/Senior Editor and WardsAuto World magazine Editor-in-Chief.

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